How To Keep Your Vision Alive

Dec 01

Have you ever had some kind of a vision, maybe years back and you wonder if that is still real?

I see so many women who forget about their visions and dreams and because of that they are lacking momentum and energy. They try to get on with their lives as good as they can but they don’t connect the dots… They don’t realize that the dream they had a long time ago has something to do with their exhaustion, boredom or frustration.

When we forget about what initially lit our fire, we don’t have to wonder why it feels so cold and empty in our lives at times.

The reason why we often ignore our life dreams, is because we are secretly waiting for validation and approval. We are waiting for signs. It’s like we are waiting for the universe to give us hints so we can trust and follow them, but if we don’t get them, we surrender to our doubts and risk that our fire dies…And unfortunately in many cases it does, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Dreams and visions don’t have an expiration date.

A life dream or a vision usually comes in our lives once. It’s that initial spark, that comes from the deepest place of our soul. Now it’s our job to turn that spark into a fire and keep it alive by collecting firewood that feeds the flames. At the same time it’s very important not to kill the fire by putting on logs that are way too big. That’s what a lot of us do. They don’t give their vision time to grow. They overpower it with too much at once, and by doing that, they take away its oxygen.

Take it easy and allow your vision to grow up like a puppy that has to grow into its skin…

How do you know if your dream or your vision is still valid? Think about it. And if it still gives you goosebumps and makes your heart beat faster, you know it’s still a part of you. If it doesn’t touch you on a deeper level, it probably never did back then. That’s how you can tell. And don’t make the mistake of hoping other people will give you thumbs up. It’s YOUR dream, understand? You have to give yourself the go and it doesn’t matter what other people (friends and family) think about it. Let them roll their eyes and tell you how crazy you are. THAT is the green light.

What if your dream scares you to death? Perfect. That’s what it’s supposed to do. If it doesn’t make you shake in your boots at all, forget it. Then it’s not what we consider a life dream / vision. Then it’s rather some idea without much substance.

What if you say that you can never reach your dream, as it is as far from you as the moon is from the sun. Great! Now you have your mission, your purpose.

How big is your dream?

We always get our visions in times when we are absolutely not ready, hardly equipped and mentally and emotionally rather weak. However, the fire I was talking about, will give you the strength to move on, to grow and to beat the odds. And here comes the best part. Your vision / dream can only be as big as you can become…. You may not see your potential at the moment, but it’s all there, otherwise you would have never received a vision of such magnitude. The size of your dream only tells you what you are capable of. Take it as an honor from the universe and never question its integrity.

If you want to keep your vision alive, simply trust your inner voice and let it become the core of your being and doing, regardless if you receive signs or not. Whatever you do that’s in alignment with your dream will feel amazingly good and things will start to happen. And that’s when you find signs everywhere. It’s as if you hear that voice within you,”…All right… keep going, you’re on the right track…” You will meet new people, doors will open, you will discover parts in you that you didn’t know existed. And then one day you will own your vision and that’s when your energy begins to vibrate on the highest scale possible…

On the contrary, if you ignore your dream, you will feel getting out of balance in all areas of your life, no matter how hard you try. You will lose momentum and your energy will leave you. It will feel as if you are in a stand still and instead of growing you begin to shrink.

You don’t want that, as you are here to discover your potential, craft it, hone it and run with it. Let your vision be the fire that keeps you alive and let your faith be your guide.

If you need support getting your vision alive or creating a new one, let’s connect.


About the Author

In almost 30 years working with various horses and clients, Michaela developed a very effective way that helps horses and people overcome their struggle and develop new behavior patterns.

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