How To Deal With Anxiety

Sep 23

Have you ever asked yourself why you always seem to struggle with anxiety and why you keep falling into that same pattern over and over again?

Just imagine you’re faced with a big challenge, such as giving a speech to the staff members of a big company and just thinking about it, almost makes you pass out. At the same time you love to share your knowledge and contribute to the wellbeing of others. But your anxiety almost makes you sick and you are trying everything you can to fight it, suppress it or ignore it. But whatever you do, it doesn’t work. It even gets more intense. You might even say “If it wasn’t for that f…g anxiety, I would go out there and crush it….” 

At the end you may call it quits… you just can’t do it… Can you relate?

It might comfort you or not, but you’re not alone. So many women out there feel they are at the mercy of anxiety and as a result they suffer from nervousness, stress, overwhelm, inner turmoil etc., which keeps them from moving on in their lives. 

In case you are also struggling with anxiety, I have a very simple solution for you that might snap you out of your pattern and get you going in the right direction once and for all.

I strongly believe that the best solutions are very simple and I’m also convinced that’s why we often don’t see them. They are just too simple. It may sound strange but when we are faced with a huge problem such as anxiety, our minds are very likely to look for a huge solution and that is why we can’t see the simple answer that might be right in front of us. Does that make sense?

Here’s a very easy trick to outsmart our minds. Instead of looking for a huge and complicated solution, just let your mind look for the best solution and boom you’ll see it. The easier and simpler you allow it to be, the faster it’ll reveal itself to you.

Here is your best answer:

Don’t struggle with anxiety! Embrace it. It’s your super power!

When you see anxiety as something bad, your mind will try to get rid of it but as soon as you see it as neutral or better yet as something positive, your struggle will end instantly. If you start to see anxiety as something that’s part of the game, you call ‘exciting life’, then it will become your friend and you will be able to embrace it. 

Anxiety in its original state of being is pure sensitivity and that’s something you don’t ever want to lose. Sensitivity lets you perceive everything on a much deeper level and experience life in a vast variety of shapes and forms. It lets you vibrate on a higher level. It’s a very powerful trait that a lot of women have, but only a hand full are using it to their advantage. It’s those women who have learned to trust their instincts and who are deeply connected to their nature – to their natural state of being. 

Anxiety makes you feel alive!! It’s pure energy! Don’t be afraid of it! There’s hardly any feeling out there that has so much power. So the secret of overcoming anxiety is to welcome it as a blessing…. and by doing so you will take the fear out and that’s when you will experience serenity, a state that allows you to use all your senses in the most powerful way.

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About the Author

In almost 30 years working with various horses and clients, Michaela developed a very effective way that helps horses and people overcome their struggle and develop new behavior patterns.

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