Confidence Is Your Natural State Of Being

Nov 08

Being confident is knowing what you’re capable of doing. 

But here’s catch 22: oftentimes we don’t know, because we cannot see beyond our limiting beliefs, our conditioning and our confusion, no matter how much we work on ourselves. As a result our lives get off balance and a lot of us develop neurotic behavior.

I’ve been there and I know how life sucks when you’re out of alignment, when you can’t speak up for yourself, when your life is dominated by fear, anxieties, anger and mental shut down. No fun! 

But let me tell you something: my life today has nothing to do with the life I used to live and when people who knew me from the ‘bad ole days’ see me now, they shake their heads in dis-belief and I don’t blame ’em…

But I must also tell you that I didn’t get there by myself. In fact, I owe all that I am today to my mentor Don and countless of troubled and traumatized horses, who reminded me of my innate power and connected me back with my true authentic self. 

Helping horses and people getting back in alignment has become my life’s purpose, and it also redeems a promise I made to Don a long time ago…I remember as it was yesterday.. it was one of those special moments and I just recall Don telling me with that serious look on his face: “Micky, I have taught you all I know and you must promise me to pass it on and keep the wisdom of the horses alive…” So be it. 

Confidence is not a skill or some talent; it’s our natural state of being. 

It has been a part of us from the day we were born, but most of us have forgotten about it. That’s actually great news, cuz all it takes is to remember that we have this superpower inside of us and once you do, you will start to feel a fire inside of you that you didn’t even know existed…You have no idea what awaits you on the other side, my friend…

Things that used to be hard, will become easy, everything changes from the inside out!!! Your energy will shift, and being confident won’t be nothing but a by-product of the natural power that you are connected to. 

You cannot work for confidence, you cannot fake it, you cannot pray for it. It’s already there! It comes with your true authentic self.

Sometimes all it takes is someone like Don, who can see what we cannot see ourselves. Someone who can get a good fire going that burns away our fear, our mental hold ups and clears the space for that what has been waiting to come out for so long…It sounds freaky, I know, but energy is freaky, but at the same time it’s as real as the chair you’re sitting on.

I’ve experienced it in my own life…I’ve seen it with horses that were so traumatized you never thought they would ever get over it… I’ve seen it with women who couldn’t hold their ground if their lives depended on it… It’s all about getting back in alignment with nature by using our instincts instead of suppressing them. Nothing more. Nothing less. 

All we have to do is copy and paste nature!

If you want to know how you can use your instincts to become bad ass confident, let’s connect.


About the Author

In almost 30 years working with various horses and clients, Michaela developed a very effective way that helps horses and people overcome their struggle and develop new behavior patterns.

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